Second Grade Math Games for Parents

Bonnie Adama has created a rich resource of 161 games proven to help your second grader learn basic math skills. With these skills, your child will be well on their way to success in 2nd grade math.

The games cover these important areas in 2nd grade math:

• Number Recognition and Counting
• Greater Than/Less Than, More or Less
• Addition to 10
• Addition to 30
• Place Value, Addition, and Rounding to 100
• Place Value, Addition, and Rounding to 1,000
• Subtraction
• Multiplication
• Division
• Multiple Operations
• Money
• Time
• Fractions
• Shapes

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Here is a sample game that I have found very effective when working with second graders:

Get Close to 100 is a great game for second graders. It helps children practice double-digit addition with special emphasis on understanding place value.

Get Close to 100

What you need:
– 2 – 4 players
– deck of cards, 10s removed
– Get “Close to 100” recording sheets (below) for each player

The object of the game is to make a two-digit addition problem that comes as close to 100 as possible.

Shuffle cards and place them face down in a pile.

Player #1 turns over 4 cards and moves the cards around until he/she has created a two-digit addition problem whose sum will be as close to 100 as he/she can make it. You can go over 100. Player #1 records this problem on his/her recording sheet. Player #2 checks for addition accuracy.

Example: Player #1 draws a 4, a 7, a 2, and a 5. He/she moves the cards around until she/he decides that:

47 + 52 = 99 is the closest that he/she can get.

Player # 2 draws four cards and does the same.

The points for each round are the difference between their sum and 100.

Example: A sum of 95 scores 5 points and so does a sum of 105.

Players compare scores at the end of this first round. They put their four cards in a discard pile and player #2 begins first and turns over four more cards for the second round.

After six rounds, players total their points and the player with the lowest score wins.


Download the Close to 100 scoresheet as a Word document

Download the Close to 100 scoresheet as a pdf