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Endorsements & Speaking

Our teachers are still talking about your fantastic workshops!  It is so refreshing to engage students in the fun games and activities that teach them essential standards.
-Mickey Hirsch, Director of Instructional Support Services
Barstow Unified School District, Barstow, California

As an independent mathematics consultant, Bonnie Adama has presented workshops all over southern California. She has trained elementary school faculties, after-school program facilitators, and parent groups. Here are the details of her workshops:

Developing Concepts, Skills, and Mathematical Reasoning Using Math Games
Who should attend: K-6 teachers, parents, and/or childcare facilitators
Cost: $1,500.00 for a 6-hour training, plus expenses

Materials needed for each attendee:
• CD of grade-level math games manual (master provided)
• Decks of special playing cards duplicated on cardstock and laminated (master provided) 1 deck for each student
• Dice for each classroom

This 6-hour training provides teachers, parents, and/or childcare workers with effective, interesting, and engaging classroom-tested investigations and games that facilitate and reinforce students’ development and practice of number concepts, logical reasoning, and mathematical communication.

If you are interested in having your K-6 teachers, or parents, or childcare facilitators trained, please contact:
Bonnie Adama
bonnie =at= mathgamesandactivities dot com

Bonnie is one of our most valuable consultants.  Our teachers have responded extremely well to her math trainings and are readily using these instructional strategies in their classrooms.
-Edwin Gomez, Principal, Lytle Creek Elementary School, San Bernardino City Schools, San Bernardino, California

Bonnie’s math trainings have inspired our teachers to make math ‘hands-on’ and fun for their students.  She has helped our teachers build their students’ conceptual understanding of math concepts and has helped to focus our instruction on the key standards for each grade level.
-Nelson Togerson, Principal, Wilson Elementary School, San Bernardino City Schools, San Bernardino, California

Bonnie has many effective ideas, games, and strategies for helping my first graders learn the basic facts!  I’ve been using the games in my classroom for three years, and I love what I see happening – learning and having fun doing it!
-Carolyn Oleson, Teacher, Dorothy Grant Elementary School, Fontana Unified School District, Fontana, California

This was an awesome, hands-on workshop!  I can’t wait to get back to my classroom and get into math and try these wonderful games.  They were lots of fun.
-Anonymous evaluation from a K-3 teacher (all evaluations are anonymous) at the California Mathematics Council’s 2008 Fall Conference

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