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If I buy two grade levels, can I get the second one for less money?
For parents and teachers, alike, the individual price for each full grade-level manual will be $59.00. If they wish to order two consecutive grade levels, the full grade-level manual will be $59.00 and the second “combo” manual will be $25.00.

Each full grade-level manual reflects the wide spectrum of needs of the children at that particular grade level. The games range from simple to more advanced. This will mean that there is some overlap in the games. For instance, in the 2nd grade manual, there are some games from the 1st grade manual and several from the 3rd grade manual.

If you wish to order two, consecutive grade levels, the second “combo” manual will contain only the games that are not in the preceding grade level. By ordering two consecutive grade levels, the second grade level combo manual will be considerably less expensive.

Note that “combo” manuals require the preceding grade-level manual to be complete. The “combo” manuals can be found on our Products Page.

How long will it take to get the product I ordered?
The product you ordered will be available for download as soon as your payment is processed, which is usually in just a few seconds.

What format do your products come in?
Our products are available in PDF format, for you to download immediately upon payment.

What is a PDF?
A PDF is a digital document that can be read on your computer, and printed by you. Reading and printing PDF documents requires the the Adobe Reader program, which can be downloaded for free at

Why is your product a PDF?
We make our products available for immediate download in PDF format for several reasons:

1) You get to download your product immediately after you pay. You do not have to wait for us to mail it to you.

2) Making the product a digital download makes it much cheaper for our customers. You do not have to pay any shipping, handling, or printing costs. We pass the savings on to you.

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