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Making Math Add Up

Many times math doesn’t add up for students. In fact, many adults have bad memories of trying to learn the multiplication tables or figuring out the square root of a number.

How do we foster a love for learning? When we teach children to read we share colorful picture books filled with exciting stories. In science, we do lively and engaging hands-on experiments, using fun props such as soda bottles and bouncing balls. Yet how do we teach math? Often, intimidating numbers and symbols cover the board. Kids break out in a sweat trying to memorize formulas and multiplication tables. Is this encouraging a love for the process of solving problems and seeking solutions?

One way to deal with math-phobia is to get to kids while they are young and teach them about the fun side of math.

Math as fun? No problem. Experts now agree that children learn far more readily when they are having fun. So what is the simplest way to have fun with math?

Years ago I started playing fun math games in my classroom, and I soon realized that playing games is the best way to get kids motivated and enthusiastic about math. Over the years I have collected many, many classroom math games that I know kids love to play. Finally I have put them together by grade level.

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